Temporality chandelier tutorial

Here’s another cool chandelier – Temporality by Studio Markunpoika
I really like how the shadows are cast through the metal ring frame.

Watch the video to see how I modeled it in 3ds max with the help of Forest Pro plugin ;)
You can use the same technique for other objects in a similar style.

Watch the video below!

21 thoughts on “Temporality chandelier tutorial

  1. amazing … thanx austris … i wait your next premium tutorial :) how many weeks do u need for the next release ?

    • I’ve hit some sort of a mental block with premium tuts. I want to make so many things, yet nothing seems to be worth making. It’s hard to describe…

      Hopefully I’ll manage to get over it.

      • We’re sure you will Austris – you’re such a credit and benefit to the 3D community.

        Just chill and spend some time away from the computer and in nature ! You’ll then get your answers all in good time.

      • Appreciate if you can make tutorials on fly through animations, like Alex Roman produced on Third & Seventh,

  2. Great Work like Always :) :) :) hmmm i have quation austris, please if you can schow me how to drawing spline and move with pan in same time allow to continue creation i know *i* key but its hard :)

    • This functionality is only available for max 2013 and newer. If you have an older version, I’m afraid you are stuck with the ‘i’ key. It’s not that bad, I worked that way for many years :)

      • okay… :) thanks so much austris we talk all time about you :) your my best and i get great in 3d with your amazing tutorials and english so best your the best :) and all time i think forest only for grass and tree Now you open my eyes for more ideas :)

  3. Спасибо, Астрис, я каждый день слежу за обновлениями в уроках и не перестаю удивляться Вашему мастерству.

  4. Хм, странно.. на почту не пришло уведомление об этом уроке, обычно приходило.
    Спасибо Астрис за новый урок!

  5. Большое спасибо !!

  6. Hi,
    As always, great tutorial.

    I hope you’ll get past that mental block! I know how hard it can be. I’m busy with a kitchen scene, nice, but rather ‘by the numbers’ work.

    If i were to offer a suggestion…The exterior visualization you did was very detailed. Interiors can be kinda easy, so how about a really complex exterior? Maybe an office, composted into a busy street scene? I’m sure there would be demand for that :-)

    All the best,


  7. you are the best man!!!
    If you need ideas, I think that a new interior tutorial will be awesome. Maybe its just me but i love interiors and you dont have many tutorials about them. i mean you have the kitchen delux (awesome one!) and the romantic bedroom.. and that it.. i mean you also have the contemporary dining room but this video have no sound.. any way everything you will create will be beautiful. good luck master!

  8. very good one..like the rest….like some people said here,I’m also waiting for your next premium tutorial…personally I’m very interested in a bathroom tutorial…but the choice is up to you…you can always make a question poll like you did a few days ago…

  9. Nice one. It’s great to discover new ways to achieve the goal.
    Did I saw a spoiler on your desktop? shall we expect some tutorial about brick stove modeling and texturing with animated burning fire ? :)
    Good luck and all the best!
    Thank you.

  10. hey Austris,
    this was simply grt …thanks bud for such tuts.

  11. Excellence, as I’ve come to expect from you Austris!,,, I’m hungry for premium tuts,, would be nice to have one for my christmas break please!!

  12. pse dont stop here Austris, if it means doubling the price pse do. we have alot to learn from u.thanks

  13. Thank you sir Austris..God Bless you!

  14. I definitely agree with the idea of a really complex exterior scene with detailed texturing and post production. Something that involves a lot of different elements. And you could always do the ornamental part 3. I think everyone should do those tutorials. They teach you so much about the most detailed kind of modeling which gives you the ability to model anything. This was a great tutorial as always. There is no other training that compares. The way you teach makes it easy to understand extremely complex techniques. Keep up the great work. P s. If you are still having a mental block maybe you could pick a few things that interest you and have a poll to see what people would be the most excited to learn

  15. hello Austris
    If you could like make a tutorial of this chair because I can in no way shape


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