VRay Studio Lighting Setup

In this video I will show you how to make a simple studio lighting setup in 3ds max and VRay to use for rendering objects.
This chair was rendered with the same setup :)

I will also show you how to use VRayMtlWrapper and alpha channel to change the background in Photoshop and keep the shadows from the original render.

16 thoughts on “VRay Studio Lighting Setup

  1. Very informative video. Setting up the alpha was something that I had not thought about for the renders and that will help to combine objects in photoshop later on. Thank you.

  2. god bless u dude. ty

  3. Muhammad Asim Junaid

    Thanks …. Nice Quick Tips … Good Luck !

  4. I follow everything to a tee but my render looks grainy?

    I have tried troubleshooting but nothing works.

    why is this?


  5. Great Man!!! Thanks Alot!!!!

  6. Roberto Briceño

    Wow, that part on how to achieve the “matte” material was something i was looking for since a long time ago. Thanks a universe!This is now my definitive setup for everyday studio setup.

  7. Super tutorial! Thank you!

  8. Thank you very much.You are genius.I am very glad that I know you.

  9. I’m new to V-Ray and this has helped me so much. Also shown me how much I have to learn. Thank you so much!!!!!

  10. very good video thanks a ton:)

  11. the very good video
    thanks you !!!

  12. Thanks a ton man!

    Also, can you please suggest me about the the better setting to get flicker free animation?


  13. I like the style of your tutorials. Especially, the way you reiterate important concepts multiple times. This way we never forget the key parameters!

  14. Excelent! Thank you!

  15. thank you and good luck mate

  16. Very usefull tutorial! Thank you very much!

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