Sofa modeling in 3Ds Max – Video Tutorial

Here is another fresh 3ds Max video tutorial for you!
In this one you will learn how to model this elegant Italian sofa.

‘How to model a sofa in 3Ds Max?’ is a common question by beginners. Seems like soft, puffy models are more difficult to model than sharp hard surfaces.
Actually, a sofa has a little bit of both. You might even say that it’s a bit ‘organic’.

The example I picked is not as easy as very modern designs that are made from just rectangular boxes, but it is also not that difficult.
Poly modeling tools are used to create the basic cushion shape and the beautifully curved back. Once the basic low-poly model is done, you can add Turbosmooth and create a smooth Hi Poly version.

If you want to add more detail to cushions or add some pillows, check out my advanced 3Ds Max and ZBrush workflow in the ‘Sofa*3’ tutorial!

Here is the reference image I’m using in this tutorial.

7 thoughts on “Sofa modeling in 3Ds Max – Video Tutorial

  1. Could you tell me how are you selecting objects and polygons? Thanks!

  2. i like your method, it’s simple and easy to understand! Thank a lot

  3. What method would you use to map this fi you wanted to use a patterned fabric ?

  4. Great tutorial. Very clear explained and useful.

  5. Спасибо!

  6. Hi,
    the link to the z-brush sofa3 tutorial doesn’t work and i couldn’t find it anywhere on your site. Would be nice if you can reupload it?

    Thanks and thanks for your great tutorials :)

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