Rugs and Carpets – 3Ds Max and VRay Tutorial

How to create nice rugs and carpets with max and vray?

It’s actually pretty quick and simple. I’m going to share my most used methods with you in these video tutorials.
Click on the image to see the full size renders!

So the first method is VRay Displacement. You can use either the modifier or the displacement slot for the material. It works very well with relatively flat rugs and you can even set up some interesting effects with some areas higher/lower.
So watch this video to see how it’s done

Ok, next up is the VrayFur carpet. It’s very quick and easy to set up and it works well for simple shag carpets. The only drawback is that it is relatively primitive and and you can only control some parameters with maps. Watch the tutorial on how to use it below.

If you want more control over your carpet – use Hair and Fur modifier. It allows you to control many properties of the hair and also features interactive brushing, nice preview and built-in hair material. Very powerful and looks great.
See the video tutorial to get started!

Finally we have a carpet made with ForestPro. You can use any plugin that scatters geometry with similar results. It is perfect for those occasions when the carpet is not made from simple fibers or hairs you can get with the previous methods. In this example I will show you how to create a rug from little pieces of cloth sewn together.

Once you master these techniques you can create any rug you need for your interior visualization project!
If you have additional tips or questions, feel free to post them in the comments.

26 thoughts on “Rugs and Carpets – 3Ds Max and VRay Tutorial

  1. dear Aus:

    your tutorials are great but i’m still finding problems to achieve the same results due to lighting settings i guess? the first carpet is coming out dull and no shadow? im using a vray sun and sky with ur gamma settings.

    i don’t know why i cant get ur kind of quality or results. im using max since 8 years now and still cant get a right lighting to work.

    can you please show ur lights and lighting settings from scratch for such scenes and even for exterior scenes i’ll be really grateful.

    • Hi,
      can you upload a picture so I can see how your scene looks?

      • thanks for ur fast reply. sorry my computer crashed since then and i couldn’t work on 3dmax to show u a sample.

        i’ll try your new jewellery tutorial and look at ur lighting method and if i had doubts i’ll ask u.

        i will really appreciate if you create a simple tutorial for an architectural exterior scene it shouldn’t be huge or anything just a building with road and environment around to know what im doing wrong and why my scenes always dos not look realistic.

        if u can send me ur email so i can send ur 1 or 2 of my work and u might can help out i really need a professional help at this moment.

  2. Tutorials is great, but can you upload map your tutorials.

  3. i come from vietnam, my engish is very bad. Hj Austris, thanks so much

  4. Tutorials is great, but can you upload map your tutorials.

  5. Hi Austris,

    Here is a question for you.Why can i not see these “Flyaway and clumbin Parameters” at my Hair and fur modifier?

  6. Great Tutorial. Thanks

  7. Thanks a lot, very cool tutorials!

  8. Great Tutorials……Thank you……
    Very helpfull

  9. I like U man … This is the best tutorial for carpets that I found . :D

  10. Firstly thank you very much for these great Tutorials,,i have a question for you please ,what should i do if i wanted to create a carpet which is not (square or rectanguler)shpapes ?

    • Just model the basic shape with poly modeling tools + turbosmooth, make sure it has some thickness and delete all the polies that are facing downwards.

  11. wow,,.
    thx for the sharing

  12. Hey Autris!

    Im using 3ds max 2012 64bibt. In my hair and fur modifier there is no clumping parameters roll out and flyaway rollout.

    Are you using a more advanced max?

  13. could you give me your rug and carpet texture of 4 tutorial,please?

  14. Hi Austris,

    Just came across your tutorial sites and wonder, how ignored i was of your great tutorials till date. I just passed out of a design school and working with max and vray. after seeing your tutorials, installed Forest pro 4.

    do you for what reason, Forest pro object doesn’t show any more after I SAVE-CLOSE the file and open after few hours or days.

    It happens always. and have to do all the work with forest pro from start. I love this plugin now for its capabilities, but just can understand what going wrong.

    Can you please advise on this.

    I TRIED FOREST PRO FORUM for some help but no real help on this topic.

    thanks for your great site and tutorials.

    keep it up.

  15. where can i find patern maps like you?

  16. спасибо большое за урок)ваши уроки потрясающе

  17. Hello,
    Thanks for this great tutoriel, you give us all we need,
    I just need textures that you use in this tutoriel…. THANKS

  18. С вашими уроками я достигаю очень хороших результатов! Благодаря вашим техникам! Thanks for you tuts Aus!=)

  19. THANK YOU so much for these helpful tutorials. You really saved my life today as I had a big deadline and had never even used the Hair and Fur before. Thanks to your videos I was able to create what my client wanted. THANKS again!!!!! Cheers.

  20. Fabrika3B Studio

    Thank You . very good lessons

  21. Hi Austris

    As always you’re learning resources rank up there with the best. I wonder how you’ve got on rendering the Hair & Fur modifier at resolutions above 2k and with light subdivs higher than 30. I constantly get crashes unless I lower the light subdivs. The only way i’m able to use this method is render at 8 subdivs (lighting) separately and comp the hair & fur into the scene.

    • Hi,
      The problem is probably either too high hair count or too little ram. How much do you have btw?
      Instead of messing with the light cache you can play around with the dynamic memory limit – it will slow down your render, but should stop the crashing.

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