Modeling the Lobster Chair

I absolutely love the looks of this Lobster Chair by Danish design firm LUND & PAARMANN
That’s why I decided to make a free 3ds max video tutorial and show how to model a modern chair like this!

Even though it’s shape might look simple at the first glance, it is quite tricky. The flat, bent pieces of wood come together at a smooth curved edge.
For this model, poly modeling is the best choice! Basic poly model with Turbosmooth modifier is one of the most powerful things in 3Ds max. You can make anything with this technique! Granted, there are some models where it’s not the fastest way, but the fact remains – you can model anything using Edit Poly + Turbosmooth modifiers!

For this particular chair model, I start by sketching out the basic, rough shape and then transform it into my final model.
Watch the video below to see exactly how to do it!

If you want the reference image, all the photos are easily found using Google image search. Just put them together in PhotoShop and lower the lightness value so it’s not pure white (easier to see mesh on grey).

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