Creating Modern Lamp Models – 3Ds Max Tutorial

This week I’ve made TWO fresh 3Ds Max tutorials for you!
I will show you how to model the exquisite Phrena lamp by Artecnica and a bold modern glass and metal wall lamp by Artemide Lighting.

Modern doesn’t always mean easy – just look at the Phrena :) The complex shape might leave you confused on how exactly approach the modeling of the folds. I think it might even be easier to create it in real life, than in 3D (btw that is a common phenomena with many modern lights and furniture).

No worries, even the most complex object can be broken down into elements and reconstructed! Especially if it’s a nice, geometric shape like the Phrena lamp.
So we will start with a basic planar geometry and expand it into a beautiful 3D shape. Once it’s done, just add a small VRay Sphere Light in the center and enjoy the intricate shadows it casts on the ceiling!

The other lamp is pretty basic, but the tutorial might be useful for beginners.

Ok, watch these videos and see how they were made :)

2 thoughts on “Creating Modern Lamp Models – 3Ds Max Tutorial

  1. Hi there, I must firstly say that I’m blown by your skills. The level of realism you achieve on every scene is amazing. Could I ask for how long have you been working with 3ds max and V-ray?

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