Modeling the Mesa Table

In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to quickly create the amazing ‘Mesa’ table by Zaha Hadid in 3Ds max.
It’s quite a complex piece of furniture with very organic shapes. Fortunately, the modeling is not too difficult and can be done using some very simple tools. Since the table looks so complex, there is no need to fret over the details too much – the most important thing is to get the ‘look’ right.

I started by making a simple 3d sketch with some splines. Since this process was mostly staring at the photos and scratching my head, I didn’t include it in the tutorial :)
The rest of the modeling process can be seen on video below!

If you want to follow the tutorial, here’s the link to my spline sketch – download

If you just want the model – grab it >>>HERE<<<
I can’t guarantee it’s accuracy, since I didn’t have any blueprints or side/top/front view photos :)

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  1. Again such a great and nice tutorial with nice techniques. Austris you are great.
    Thanks for sharing nice modeling tutorials.

  2. Thanks,organic forms were always given me hardly

  3. Once again, amazing stuff!!! Very good to learn complex modeling!!!

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  5. amazing, thanks very much. I appreciate so much this tutorial

  6. Perfect work !!! Austris !

  7. hi austris
    what is your next premium project ?
    hope it’s vol 3 of classic furniture
    series :)

  8. Hi Austris
    Thanks for taking time out to provide more excellent free tutorials.
    Is there any chance you could also provide the spline guides So we can follow along?

  9. thank you viscorbel!!

  10. Thanks for sharing,
    what’s the material that will finish this table the best way?

  11. Just Perfect!!!
    Brilliant technic!!!
    Thanx for tutorial.

  12. king of all time!

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  16. can u plz tell hw can we made diamond in vray using 3dmax like

  17. PERFECT! Thanks for sharing nice modeling tutorials.

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  19. very Nice stuff
    more tutorials on organic buildings

  20. Great, thank you

  21. thank you friend for this titorial it is very helpfull

  22. Excellent modeling tutorial! Thank you!

  23. Thanks a lot for this nice tutorial!

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  27. thank you so much.

  28. Great job!

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  30. Thank u… great tutorial

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  32. Amazing tutorial
    Please do one car interior modeling tutorial

  33. Green architecture

    thank you

  34. King of 3ds Max!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Muhammad Asim Junaid

    Thanks again for this Kind Sharing! :)

  36. Great tutorial, thanks so much

  37. Amazing tutorial Austris. You can do easy the hard.
    Great work.

  38. Amazing tutorial

  39. thanks Austris for great free toturial

    pls if u can provide some organic free/premium toturial of zaha buildings like “PERFORMING ARTS CENTER, ABU DHABI” or other complex one…
    tnx again

    (sorry for bad english)

  40. Hi Viscorbel, very nice tutorial (as always :) )! I’m just trying to understand, if we make 3D models of something which i copyright, are we doing “copyright infringement” anyway … ? Is there any relation between our model and real object actually in this situation?

    • It’s a tricky question. I believe it can not be any more illegal than, say, drawing a picture of a mercedes on the street. Since we are not actually creating a real object, but just an image of it, there shouldn’t be any problems.
      Otherwise every 3d viz artist/company in the world would get sued and go out of business.

  41. You are my inspiration :)!!! Great tutorial.

  42. Could you make some tutorial for a little area like small bathroom :).

  43. nice i love zaha designs big time, i want to know how to make the background image in a high resolution when modeling bcause i cant see the details perfectly when zooming and thanks :)

    • go to customize > viewport > configure driver > and set the texture size to maximum and enable “match as closely as possible”. After restarting max, it should be much better!

  44. very very thank youuuuuuuuuu

  45. Again such a great tutorial … thanks a lot

  46. Muchas gracias,como siempre sorprendiendonos con tu talento en el 3d , por favor podrias enseñarnos como hacerlo a una escala mas grande como un edificio sigue asi !!! y gracias por tu dedicacion en tus videos

  47. oh its a fantastic tutorial.
    so thank

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    Отличный урок. Моделирование мне не нравилось до просмотра этого видео! БОЛЬШАЯ БЛАГОДАРНОСТЬ АВТОРУ!!!

  49. Malacis! Paldies par dalisanos zinasanas!

  50. Hello master Austris i have 1 question for you?
    I have 3d model room interior
    when i click render It’s say error:output patch: c:does not exist-aborting render.)please help and Thanks

  51. Hi Austris,
    Great tutorial, really helpful.
    Thank you & Best Regards

  52. Even if God had tried to not fantastic, a real dream did the right … Thanks Austris.

  53. you are realy amazing austris

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