Modeling the ONYX sofa

My site keeps going down for some reason, I had to restore a backup so the comments are, unfortunately, gone.

I really love this sofa from Peugeot Design Labs. It’s a cool combo of rough, natural volcanic rock and sleek, modern carbon fiber.
Obviously, I had to try and model it in 3ds max.
I also recorded a tutorial video so you can see how I approached this subject, check it out below!

NOTE: I was not 100% satisfied with the result at the end of the video, so I went back to the save before cutting out booleans and did some quick sculpting in zbrush. Nothing fancy, just 5-10 minutes with clay brush. As you all know, 3ds max sculpting tools suck when compared to zbrush, so sometimes the model needs a little help.

Here is my final render (click to enlarge!)


10 thoughts on “Modeling the ONYX sofa

  1. oh my god , very gooood ,

  2. Build towers complex, such as Zaha Hadid projects will train.tnk

  3. This is awesome. We’ve missed your lessons Austris. Thank you.

  4. Jorge Briceño

    Simplemente el mejor, excelente video soy de Nicaragua.

  5. Thanks for sharing.
    Your tutorials really help me a lot.
    God Bless You.

  6. awasome master!!

  7. привет! Austris твои уроки самые лучшие, они мне очень помогли, и твои работы очень реалистично получаются очень хотелос бы что ты сделал урок по теме вдохновение как ты подбираешь предмети интерьера или экстерера и как ты продумаешь дизайн комнаты

  8. Здравствуйте! Ваши уроки замечательны! Я Ваш поклонник! Творческих успехов и огромное спасибо за бесценные труды!

  9. Your work is amazing. Thank you for the free tutorials, they realy help me get a hang of 3ds max.

  10. Thank you for making such professional free tutorials. This site is realy a go to site when I want to learn more about 3ds :).

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