How to model a classic chair in 3Ds Max

For my next video tutorial, I decided to show a classic leather armchair with capitone back.
Modeling tufted leather in 3ds max can be a bit of a challenge, especially on curved surfaces. This is a pretty basic example, but you can use the same technique for more difficult objects as well.

You can see an alternate method for capitones in my premium tutorial ‘Sofa*3’. It shows how to model a beautiful chesterfield-inspired sofa called ‘Edwards’
Check it out if you are interested in a more advanced workflow!

Anyway… for this particular chair, the legs are made with Lathe modifier and further modified with Edit Poly and finished up with Turbosmooth.
3Ds Max has many great tools, you just have to know how to combine them to get the results.

Unfortunately I’ve lost the reference image I used for this model. If any of you know the name of it, please write it down in the comments, so I can hunt for the ref photo and put it up here.

You can see my final render of this classic chair model below the tutorial video.

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  5. I think i found the name for it:

    It’s called Gamecock Chair.
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