How to make books in 3Ds Max

I had to make some filler objects for a recent project and decided to make a quick 3Ds max tutorial on book modeling and texturing.
For some of you this might be a very simple task but I’m sure that it will be useful for others.

This tutorial has multiple steps:

  • Modeling the basic shape
  • Unwrapping the UVs
  • Making a texture in Photoshop
  • Multiplying the books

The amount of books you use is up to you, I think that for a large variety of shapes and covers, something like ~100 books would be enough.
If you only need to fill small spaces, something like 20-30 can be quite enough.

Empty shelves in interior renderings almost never look good, so take some time to create the models and use them in your scenes.
There’s an excellent script called BookScatter, that you can use to quickly fill up the bookcases in 3Ds Max.
BTW, the books used in the script examples are the same ones I made in this tutorial!

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  1. thanks! excelente t├ęcnica!

  2. very good work

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