Modeling a Classic Mirror – 3ds Max Tutorial

Last time I asked you to decide between the chandelier, mirror and dining table from the ‘Nordic Light’ scene for my next video tutorial.
Since most of you picked the MIRROR, here is the tutorial video.

Even though this type of carved furniture might seem too hard to model in 3Ds Max,
modeling it is actually pretty simple, once you know the basic process.

As usual, Edit Poly + Turbosmooth is your friend and you just have to make the whole thing piece-by-piece. Add some nice, old gold material when you’re finished, and hang it up in your scene!

So here it is, enjoy!

Oh, and here is the reference image

9 thoughts on “Modeling a Classic Mirror – 3ds Max Tutorial

  1. Thanks for the lesson for me an important lesson

  2. Thanks for the tutorial! Would love to see how you’d texture this as it’s such a rich, gold texture.


  4. Hy Austris, which tool did you use to move around in the viewport? Mouse 3d or tablet?

  5. That was great master, hehe

  6. Thanks so much!!!

  7. Thank you very much, your tutorials are the best I ever found on internet. Next step will buying some premium stuff, it’s awesome.

  8. wonderful,
    i love these tutorials.
    thanks a lot.
    sply the classic furniture ones.

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