Using MassFX to fill a bowl with objects – 3Ds Max Tutorial

If you have ever needed to fill a jar or a bowl with some objects in 3Ds Max, MassFX is perfect for this!
(Extremely useful for kitchens where you have all sorts of fruit bowls, cutlery jars, pasta jars, etc)
You can also use it to randomly scatter/drop down objects on surfaces as well (maybe some fruit scattered on a table, or some rose petals on a bed, etc)

In this video tutorial I’m going to show you how to use MassFX to fill a simple bowl with some bell peppers.
It’s quick and easy, if you know a couple of tricks!

18 thoughts on “Using MassFX to fill a bowl with objects – 3Ds Max Tutorial

  1. I want to really thank you all that you post on your site, it really helps me.



  2. Im also hoping yo do upload more tutorials about different things about MassFX!


  3. Thanks!)

  4. Hesham Elshipli

    You are great

  5. I am very thankfull to you for your all tutorials…thank u so much

  6. Very grateful to you, your school at a high level!
    I do not know your name but with respect Vadim.

  7. God bless u dude, there are so much useless tuts on youtube about massfx, that’s why I came to page, and that was for perfect!

  8. Good tutorial, but after trying my fallen objects get back to their default positions. WHAT SHOULD DO I DO?

  9. Oh, I found. I Should click on “BAKE” button. Thank you and me too.

  10. prefect , woooow. thanks for all tutorial. what’s you name ?

  11. This is simply perfect, Thank you again for another tutorial also

  12. Thanks a lot of all yours tutorials!

  13. Great, thanks! Very useful.

    Can Mass FX handle large scale e.g. a load of scrap metal pouring from a lorry into a tip?

  14. I love it! Thank you! Very useful tutorial for me!
    P.S. Спасибо!

  15. thanks for this tutorial which is very useful for MassFX options.

  16. TNX . Can you please make a tutorial aboute making real waves in a River or a Pool ? we all know with noise modifier it can be done , but its not perfect . some times i see some pictures made by other people that are very very realistic .

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