Marvelous Designer tutorial – Round Cushion

I’ve been exploring Marvelous Designer for while now. It’s a fun piece of software and pretty powerful too and I think it can be a great asset to arch viz.
Most of the available info however is about modeling clothes. This is not what I want to use it for, so there’s a lot of guesswork and a lot of things need to be improvised or figured out without learning in tutorials.

I’ve figured out some basic concepts I can use in arch viz, now I’m just polishing my skills and trying different types of models. Here’s quick (ok, maybe not so quick) tutorial that shows me modeling an advanced round cushion with Marvelous Designer 3.

If you like the tutorial and want to see more MD tuts, do let me know ;)

Ok, enough talk, here’s the video:

75 thoughts on “Marvelous Designer tutorial – Round Cushion

  1. Ты реально хороший человек!
    Я свободно загрузил и изучаю все твои уроки!

    Как только начну нормально зарабатывать на 3D, обязательно отблагодарю по совести!

  2. Awesome…
    i was looking for a lesson in Marvelous …

    Thank you very much.

  3. Очень круто, пару новых фишек узнал! Спасибо, что не забрасываешь это дело!


    very good MASTER :)

  5. Hi,I’d like a tutorial on the tissues in general: sheets, blankets stuff like that fact.

    Thanks and sorry for my bad English

  6. Love to see a tutorial on how to create a bedding set using MD

  7. You are the best, my friend

  8. muy buen tutorial, el problema que tengo es cuando trabajo desde max , no se con que unidades trabajar, una vez realizado el modelo en marvelous , cuando lo importo al max no calza sobre el modelo base y tengo que escalarlo a manualmente , quizas podrias informar mas de eso saludos y siempre siguiendo tus trabajos

  9. Please make tutorial with curtains and towels :)!

  10. yeahhh another great one austris! of course another one about curtains and blankets would be more than welcome. thank you. maybe you could make another premium tutorial, this time about advanced techniques in marvelous designer. could be an idea

  11. wow. another great one austris! thank you.

  12. Wow, great! Would love a premium tutorial covering comforters, blankets, curtains and how best to texture and position these elements in Max.

  13. I fully agree with Giovanny, great idea)
    And great lesson!)
    Thank you, Austris!

  14. I fully agree with Giovanni
    merciiii austris

  15. Sweet! But i gotta agree with the rest a tutorial about

    Hanging towls
    Rolled up towl,
    Curtians ( maybe like how to make them when there is wind blowing in)


    Thats about it xD. I will be watching this tutorial with pleasure.


  16. Great tutorial, very interesting! Please make more MD tuts.

  17. very good tutorial ….. how does the tool circle to start with 4 vertices, why my start with only 3?

  18. I loved it, I didnt find anything when I needed on my last project. I hope see more here. Applying dinamism with a sofa (3D block on 3ds max, for example and putting cushions and cloth on it) whould be great!

  19. I agree with giovanni idea

  20. Yeah More Marvelous Designer Furniture tutorials

  21. this is a gr8 decision of starting with MD plz make a detailed tutorial of making entire bed with all it’s apparatus in MD & render it in max with vray that will be d proper completion of this seris & thanx for d above

  22. This looks amazing! I bet you could squeeze a masterpiece out of any piece of software, even notepad.

  23. Hi,
    Another great tutorial! I also learned MD, and have used it to do my version of your Romantic Bedroom scene. I uploaded a small capture of it for you to check out:

    Keep up the great work :-)

  24. master=)

  25. Thanks …..!

  26. Привет! урок супер! как всегда)))

  27. One thing :D if Austris wasn’t born who were gonna help us? :P Thank you so much :)

  28. hay, this is a great one. pse lets go with giovannis idea.

  29. Austris,you are always best.

  30. thank you so much!
    this is great…
    any new dvd on list to buy it? waiting for news..

  31. Great tutorial Austris, the best indeed (:
    I think that a pro course about md wont be very interesting… this is easy-to-learn software so course is not needed.


    • Funny you should say that – i was looking for a good course myself some time ago. :)
      Basics are very easy, but some more complex stuff can get pretty tricky.

  32. Thanks Austris, i agree with the people here, but i think that in the web, there are various tutorials about blankets, the cushions and sofas, are really interesting and there are few good tutorials, anyway any tutorial made by Austris, it sure is interesting.

  33. Tnx Austris,
    Appreciate if you can make new models related with cloths, its much better than 3ds max for cloth models,
    Curtains Curtains Curtains please :)

  34. Thanks Austris,
    When I try to make a circle in Marvelous Designer 3, this is created in 3 equal parts and not 4 as you show us in your tutorial. How I can change this?

  35. Yes, I’ve also been using MD3 now since the upgrade from MD2. I would really appreciate more tutorials on it since like you said most of the stuff out there is about cloths. Great video. Your work is always good.

  36. Thanks Austris, It is great one!!!

  37. Great one, found that we have similar aproach dealing with excesive tri count. Apart decimation master I also use Zremesher(Qremesher) to convert the geometry to all quads, but then I need to unwrap it again, in some situations it’s not that difficult with UV Master, but then having it all quads let’s you work further on wrinkles, folds, etc in Zbrush.
    About the requests, rather than curtains, pillows and towels which you can see on youtube in dozens of versions I think it would be more interesting to see some more intricate and complex leather furniture modelling using the combination of max, marvelous and zbrush.

    And yeah, Austris, when can we expect the 3rd part of the classic furniture series? You mentioned in one of the first videos of vol.1 there would be 3 parts, and the last one would be about upholstery of the classic furniture.
    Thank you.

    • If you use the zremesher, you can try projecting the UVs from high poly model in 3ds max. Check out the Project modifier. The result is usually not perfect, but in some instances it’s good enough.

      Vol 3 was unfortunately canceled, there was not enough interest in the first two volumes to make it worthwile.

  38. the phone vibrating at 19:58 is a good way to wake the public that got sleepy. :)

  39. How do you get 4 points when creating a circle? When I create a circle it has 3 points!? Thanks

  40. Great! I am from Russia, so excuse me for my English. I am very intrested in introduction marvelous designer. Thank you very much!

  41. Really great! As always :) I wish i have money someday for purchase one of the Premium Tutorial :P

    And yeah, I agree with other guys – make some tutorial with hints how to do a bed sheet, courtains or towels :)

    I’m glad I’ve found your page :)


  42. Yes i fully agree with to dress an object done in 3ds or whatever and then dress it in marvelous. Such as chairs sofas etc

  43. MD it’s also very easy to learn.I got a perfect blanket in 10 min or so..way better than 3ds max for simulations. nice tut!

  44. can you please make one tutorial with a backdrop curtains…like for example studio shot?

  45. Thank you Austris! Great lesson, cloth simulation in MD looks much better and faster than in max! Привет из России ;)

  46. ok that’s my first try with Marvelous..have wihtout a doubt a new question…On ur tutorial u’re circle as 4 dot by defaut…mine is “only”3 , can u tell me how to add more with equal distance by default (not Add point becose not regular)

    thanks for all u made !


  47. veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery cool but how to unwarp it?

  48. I was wondering, I seriously, listen to 13.08 minutes at 13.55 there like a cat wants to dig her

    P.S. Great lesson

  49. Excellent tutorial Austris. MD is a really great(powerful)tool that has many uses. A premium package of tuts would be worth purchasing. Your tutorials are always clear and concise.
    Thanks for sharing!


  51. Hi somebody can tell me how to draw a circle with 4 segments.
    I am a new in marvelous design when I tried draw a circle the program does a circle with 3 segments only.
    In your tutorial you made a circle with 4 segments line.
    Thank you

  52. waiting for news..

  53. A similar question that and NESTOR. How to make a circle with four segments? Version MD 1.1.7

  54. Great tut.. but any reason you stopped with only the modelling process? what about the texturing?Is there a way to create custom textures and fabrics with MD ? would be great to see a tut on that. Thanks !!

  55. Thanks very much, all of your tutorials are great!

  56. Actually regarding Sanjay’s question. I am not so much interested in MD texturing as the following workflow. I too make stuff in MD and then export it to Zbrush, where I like to retopologize with qremesher to get nice quad meshes, downside is that I am loosing all UVs, of course I can easy make new ones using UV master but when doing furniture objects for visualisation it is a bit better to have square textures easier to switch between different styles than organic “pelt mapped” uvs zbrush provides.

    Do you know of any plugin which would do this while preserving UVs.

  57. Can someone answer the question about creating a circle with 4 points instead of 3? I really would be eternally grateful.

    • Are you using MD v2 or v3?
      I think they switched how the circle works somewhere along the line.

      It shouldn’t really be a problem, just adjust the other patterns to have the same number of segments.

      • Marvelous designer 3, i’ve just started to use it a couple of hours ago so pretty clueless at the moment!
        Cheers Austris

        • Hi Paul,
          Do u got the idea to create the circle with 4 points, if yes please share the trick, thanks in advance.

  58. Я вас обожаю, какой же вы молодчина!!! А можно ли сделать такую подушку в Cloth 3d max?

  59. Hi Austris
    can u pls tell me how we can use max mesh as a cloth in MD3??? pls reply

  60. yes yes I/we want as many as MD tutorials u can give. u rock!!!!!!!!!

  61. Hi All,
    Can anyone assist how to create the circle with 4 points, thanks in advance.

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