Interior Lighting with V-Ray

In this V-Ray & 3Ds MAX video tutorial I’m going to show you my most used lighting method for interiors. It’s quick to render, easy to setup and looks great!
Most of my work is done with this setup and it works for all interiors with windows.
The basic idea is to use VraySun + VraySky and bring the light in the scene with portal lights in the windows.

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I’ve added the second part to show you how to light the chandelier and the table lamps.
This is an advanced technique that some might consider it a ‘cheat’, but I believe in using every means necessary to achieve a good looking render with VRay.


Check out my final renders below!

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  1. Thank you so much for this tutorial its amazing

  2. Hello Again master if may please Exercise files.

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    I ‘ve downloaded the scene

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  7. Love your work Austris. And Congratulation on your new Skin. Simple and Amazing. However I would be curious about your homepage. If I were you I would move the free staff under the slider. What makes you unique from other cg sites in your helpful tutorials. Now you made your site looks like just another shop.

    Your tutorials is your strength, Use it

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  9. This is for commercial use?
    Can I use this scene for example, in a directory or leaflet or my corporate website?

    • Hi,
      I would prefer if you didn’t.
      This case is different than my other tuts where you can follow it and re-create the scene yourself, here it’s already done, so I think it wouldn’t be fair.

  10. Hello master, we waite for new tutorials.

  11. Will you put this scene on sale?

  12. Hi Austris,
    Firstly thanks for the great tutorial,really helped me gain knowledge in vray lighting.
    I have a doubt regarding this tutorial.What if there are no windows in the interior scene and the backyard sliding door is transparent how should I light the scene?

    Here is my scene pic
    Camera Settings
    Vray Camera
    White balance neutral
    Shutter speed – 20
    Film speed – 200

    I have lighted my scene using vray dome and some vray plain lights but im not achieving the render & lighting quality i see in you video :(

    Please help… Thanks in advance….

    • Hi,
      I’d get rid of the dome light, add vray light skylight portals to the sliding door and change the ceiling lights to small plane lights or vrayies.

  13. Hey there,
    I downloaded the scene – it loads ok into max with one texture missing nut as soon as I click in the working viewport max collapses instantly, or shows an error and then collapses. the error doesn’t say anything specific. What do you think might be the problem?

  14. ok, I merged object after object until I stumbled upon group 4058 that was causing the problem

    • Hi,
      thanks for the info, it think the glitch might be specific to your setup as you are the first one reporting this problem.

  15. thank you for the scene and all of your tuts

  16. Great work thank you

  17. Thanks a lot , very interesting tutorial, and many thanks for the scene

  18. love you from israel!

  19. muchas gracias, muy buenos tus tutoriales, son excelentes,no he podido descargar la escena, me podrías informar como lo realizo?


  20. thank you very much,it was perfect

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  22. thank so much you gave to this kind of Quality in Vray.

  23. Thanks a lot for sharing,, great work!
    I have one question tho, why the rug in the middle doesn’t appear as a fur, it renders like a white rectangle only. what’s the problem with my 3DsMax?
    Thanks in Advance!

  24. thank you work very good

  25. thanx it has beem very useful

  26. You are my hero ;)

    Thank u for all !

  27. Amiran Sulkhanishvili

    Thanks a lot for sharing your experience. Fast,simple and informative.Can you post spec of your computer please? cpu,ram and video card. Want to upgrade my pc, because it lags a lot in my view port when i navigate in the scene.

  28. Lê Hoàng Long

    i can’t open with this this file open error:
    unknown class,no stand-in:Super ID=0xB60,Class ID=(0x5BF94F11,0x68C22D6F)please help me Austris,thank you so much

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  31. your tutorial is very nice, i learn a lot from you. im almost a newbie that there is no knowledge about 3dmax, but thanks for you..

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  33. thx austris, ur tutorials are the best on the web!

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  36. Your tutorial s very good.thank u very much :)

  37. Austris,your the best all my friends know youuu,,,, congratulation from algeria

  38. Thanks a lot sir Austris for the scene & very good tutorials..God Bless! from Philippines

  39. Austris, So far I have really enjoyed your premium tuts, and I’m sure I love this one to.

    Your my #1 source for 3D learning material!

  40. This is very goot tut, thanks

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  42. i can’t seem to find where to download this scene?

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  44. where to download this scene?

  45. Wonderfull

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    i love this tutorial.

  47. your design is good please send me max file help me vray render and lighting

  48. how can i get the scene files

  49. thanks,its so cool

  50. Hi Austris, these one seems excellent. Can you tell us which version of MAX, Vray and plugins did you use for this scene?

  51. Austris, thank you so much!

  52. hey ! first thanks for the tutorials they are great work. could you by any chance do a premium tutorial about interior lighting. from basic to advanced. like for example what light source to chose depending on different scene type or how big the the room. or how to light different types of light sources such as normal light bulbs, light bulbs like the ones in the chandelier,lamps etc. just the principles behind interior lighting and how to know what to choose and use according to the scenes. personally this area has always been a struggle for me. i m pretty good at modeling and texturing interiors but when it comes to lighting which is the most important part ( either makes things realistic or don’t) i kind have no clue how to light without messing the whole scene up. i think it would be a great idea to do a tutorial about interior lighting its basics and tips and tricks. there aren’t a lot of resources online about proper interior lighting so i guess it would be a nice step. other than yr great tutorials do you have any other resources one can find for improving my lighting skills ? at the end it’s the lighting that makes or breaks a scene.

    thanks again for your tutorials. hand’s down one of the best learning material on the web really pro ! keep it up.


  53. Thank you master tutorial is great, but I am unable open the file it crashes my max I am using 3ds max design 2013.

  54. Sir very amazing tutorial..

    but i’ve small doubt. how you do that focusing lamp only in 3dsmax?

  55. thank you very much sir for sharing.

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    it’s amaizing
    very good. thanks

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    İt’s wonderful. You are man.

  62. Greetings and as always thank you for another premium quality tutorial.
    I am also having difficulties downloading the project file. Any help ?

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  74. Благодарю, за очень понятные и доходчивые видиоуроки

  75. Ive been registered for years now but cannot see how to download these files

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