One thought on “Great texturing video

  1. Really, really great stuff!! I watched the video, downloaded his scripts, and have been getting used to using them over the past two days. I can already tell that this is going to save me a lot of time! Not having to UV complex geometry makes the whole process go so much faster. Also his script that will apply mesh smoothing at the time of render is great because you only need to work with the low res version of your model instead of carrying all that extra “weight” around while you are editing.

    I put all the scripts into a long ass toolbar that goes from one end of my screen to the other and still need to find out what most of them do. I have barely cracked the surface of their potential, but this promises to be one of the biggest leaps forward in my process that I have had in years!

    Thanks for bringing my attention to Neil’s work, Austris!

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