Modeling a crystal chandelier in 3Ds MAX – video tutorial

Have you ever struggled with modeling a good looking chandelier in 3ds max? All the crystals, lights, chains and other details make a huge mess and you don’t understand where to begin from!
The easiest way is to break it down into elements. This chandelier for example has 5 arms. So you just have to make 1 of them and create some rotated copies (*hint – array tool is your friend!) It’s easier than it looks!

Some chandeliers have more than 1 level of arms, so you have to look at your reference image carefully, before starting the model in 3Ds max. You can even sketch out a simple plan on paper, before starting – it can save you a lot of time and guesswork.

Modeling the chandelier crystals can also seem difficult. Especially if you only have photos and can’t tell the exact shape! The good news is – nobody is going to see if it’s not ‘exactly’ like your reference… The same thing that makes them difficult to model makes them easy to improvise! All the reflections and refractions distort and hide the shape. As long as it looks good, it is good enough.

Once you are done with the model, just add some basic materials and you get something like in this image below :)

Watch the video tutorial below and if you want to follow along –
grab the reference image HERE!

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  1. Yours has nothing to do with the reference image…Yours is unbelievable! Congrats!

  2. Mohammad Reza Khalogh


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