Using Cloth modifier to create curtains – 3Ds MAX Tutorial

Hi guys!
I’ve had a lot of requests for 3Ds Max Cloth tutorials, especially for curtains, so here’s a 30 minute video to get you started.

Cloth Modifier is a very powerful tool, it has endless possibilities! It has only 2 problems:
– It’s slow! (for some reason it never uses more than 10-20% of my CPU during the calculations)
– It’s extremely hard to find good tutorials on it.

To use the Cloth effectively, you have to use some imagination.
One of the most important things for the Cloth modifier is using helper objects!
These are simple 3d objects that you animate or place in strategic positions to move and manipulate the cloth.
Once you get an idea how they work, you can try experimenting with different techniques and see the results for yourself.

I’ll try to make some more Cloth tutorials in the future! For now – just watch the video ;)

17 thoughts on “Using Cloth modifier to create curtains – 3Ds MAX Tutorial

  1. Looks good. Is there an easy way to use an existing object as a collision object to have cloth drape over an item? For instance you have a chair that is covered with a white cloth because the house is closed up for a bit. It would be nice to be able to add drop cloths to the furniture to show it as being ready for closing up or unveiling.

    • Yes, absolutely! Just set up the chair as collision object an drop the cloth piece from the top, shouldn’t be any problems.

  2. Could you tell us how to make the bottom of the curtain laying randomly on the floor ?

    • I can’t see the attachment, but the idea is to add an animated floor object that moves up. You can also add another helper object, make group of vertices in cloth and set it to node and pick the helper object – now when you animate the helper object it will grab the vertices with it. Then just delete the helper and let the cloth fall back down (Sort of like picking a part of cloth up with your fingers and letting it fall down)

  3. Thank you good tutorial.
    To select vertices i use edit poly modifier and Graphite modeling tools (Ring selection and Dot Gap) And in cloth modifier “Get Stack Selection”

  4. that was extremely useful, thank you so much and keep up the great work :)

  5. Hello. Thanks so much for your tutorial. It was really informative. I hope you could help me out with a situation. I need to use multiple strips of cloth to form a curtain. Would I be better off attaching the whole as one object or add modifiers to each strip (would be at least 100)? Or you might have a better suggestion. Thanks so much for the great work.

    • Hi,
      I would probably attach them all together, but it depends on the curtain. I’d have a better idea if you could show me some reference picture :)

  6. Muhammad Asim Junaid

    Nicely done… but I also know just like Paul… about layered strips like:
    Good Luck !

  7. I make something wrong. I made simple table and added the modifier Cloth to it, then I made a box and saidt its collison object
    so there if I simulate, my cloth falls not from top to down on the box, it falls from right to left and makes circles…
    I have 3ds Max 2013
    How can I change axes?

  8. Hi, thanks for your great help!

    I have one probelm that i cant figure out! My drapes dont fall straight down, not even close. The bottom side turn out to the sides so it looks like a U.

    Do you know why this happens?? Please help!
    Thank you

  9. …when i simulate the top part to drag the plane togheter.

    I hope you understand, its hard to explain whitout a picture.
    Thanks again

  10. i like it

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