Classic Coffee Table 3Ds Max Tutorial

Classic furniture can be a very complex thing to model. Fortunately this table, made by Chelini is not :)
The most difficult part is modeling the curved ‘cabriole’ legs in 3Ds Max… But even that is easy once you know how it’s done!
This is where my video tutorial comes in – I’ll show you a simple technique to model these curved legs and you can adapt it to chairs, tables, sofas or whatever other furniture you need to make for your interior viz projects!

I will also show you that the Symmetry modifier can be used in more than one way. You can get away with creating one corner of the coffee table (maybe even half of that) and create the rest with some Symmetry modifiers. This actually allows you to modify all the legs at the same time!

The modeling process as usual is working with Editable Poly and Turbosmooth (my favorite combo)
If you want to see an advanced example of what classic furniture can be made with these techniques, check out my ‘Classic Chic’ tutorial!

4 thoughts on “Classic Coffee Table 3Ds Max Tutorial

  1. Thanks Austris!
    You rock.

  2. hello, I hope I’m not too much demanding… I try to do that tutorial, but I couldn’t find the reference picture that you use (I search everywhere on Chelini’s webpage as well as on google image) Could you give a like to that picture ? thank you a lot!

  3. Hey mathieu here is the link for the Ref. image

  4. Alvaro Henrique

    Achei que fosse simples, mais não é, Muito bom tutorial, Obrigado !!!

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