Bedding set in Marvelous Designer

Continuing the theme of MD, I’m uploading a rather lengthy set of tutorials covering the creation of this bedding set from start to finish.

Unlike the previous tutorial with only one object, this one features multiple objects, which presents some challenges.

I also found that it is a bit difficult to create a really ‘puffy’ looking blanket/duvet so I developed a ‘hack’ that helps with this process.

So here are the videos (sorry about the low-ish quality, I accidentally recorded in the wrong resolution):

Part I – Base Cover

Part II – Bed Sheets

Part III – Pillows

Part IV – Blanket

I also put the bed in a simple scene just for fun :)

Marvelous Designer tutorial – Round Cushion

I’ve been exploring Marvelous Designer for while now. It’s a fun piece of software and pretty powerful too and I think it can be a great asset to arch viz.
Most of the available info however is about modeling clothes. This is not what I want to use it for, so there’s a lot of guesswork and a lot of things need to be improvised or figured out without learning in tutorials.

I’ve figured out some basic concepts I can use in arch viz, now I’m just polishing my skills and trying different types of models. Here’s quick (ok, maybe not so quick) tutorial that shows me modeling an advanced round cushion with Marvelous Designer 3.

If you like the tutorial and want to see more MD tuts, do let me know ;)

Ok, enough talk, here’s the video: