Carpet CG renderings

I have developed a fully CG workflow for displaying carpets in realistic 3D environments. This is especially interesting, if you are producing carpets for public spaces, like hotels or offices. To show your product in such an environment is quite difficult with the traditional photoshoot method, as you can only photograph what has actually been installed in these spaces or try to do some Photoshop compositing, which always looks a bit awkward as the lighting/perspective never perfectly matches the between different photos.

With 3D approach, I can simulate any sort of environment for you, no matter how big the area or how expensive is the interior design and then incorporate your carpet into this rendering from any angle – just like with traditional photography. The big advantage is that the lights, shadows, perspective and so on are simulated in a realistic way, so the result is more convincing than some Photoshop cut and paste.

You can choose to display any number of carpet designs in the resulting images. It’s quite easy and fast to change the design and create a new image. You can display your whole collection in realistic looking interiors for a relatively small cost.

Here you can see how that looks in a couple of different CG scenes I’ve created for products used in public and private sector.

Here are some other renderings of different carpet structures I’ve simulated for my clients.

As you can see it’s possible to to create a variety of different carpet structures.

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