Modeling a Classic Bergere – 3Ds Max Tutorial

Here is another addition to my free 3ds max tutorials – a neoclassical bergere (armchair) modeling video.
Just like the last one, this doesn’t have any subtitles or voice narration, I’m working hard on my VRay Material Guide, so there is not enough time for everything.

I recommend starting with the basic frame (all the wood parts) and then adding the soft elements. Just like you would do in the real world! Carpentry first, upholstery last.

I gave it a coat of fresh, shiny paint for a more modern look :)
You can see how to make fabric materials (among many others) in my ‘Creating VRay Materials Vol 1’ premium tutorial!

Grab the reference image and watch the video!

6 thoughts on “Modeling a Classic Bergere – 3Ds Max Tutorial

  1. i can down load this file too! can you send me? tanks alot

  2. thanks!

  3. All your tuts are clear and smart. Perfect. They motivate. Thank you very very much.

  4. Mustafa Al Hosainy

    your tutorials is very helpful , thank you very much .

  5. I wish this was a step by step tutorial. The video goes to fast and hard to keep up with… But it’s great video… If not step by step and typed up, then it have a voice with the video so someone can know what is being done.

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