Bedding set in Marvelous Designer

Continuing the theme of MD, I’m uploading a rather lengthy set of tutorials covering the creation of this bedding set from start to finish.

Unlike the previous tutorial with only one object, this one features multiple objects, which presents some challenges.

I also found that it is a bit difficult to create a really ‘puffy’ looking blanket/duvet so I developed a ‘hack’ that helps with this process.

So here are the videos (sorry about the low-ish quality, I accidentally recorded in the wrong resolution):

Part I – Base Cover

Part II – Bed Sheets

Part III – Pillows

Part IV – Blanket

I also put the bed in a simple scene just for fun :)

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  1. WOW))) amazing!!as always))

  2. Marvelous and thank you very much

  3. Deeply Thanks to Austris!

    I’ve learned a lot of useful advanced techniques from your tutorial.

  4. incroyable :))
    very nice work

  5. Great tutorial man!

  6. Davide Perdoncin

    Thanks a lot Austris!!! this is one of the best tutorial about MD ever seen.. thanks again for your support… you are the man!!

  7. That’s another great tutorial. I love how easy they are to follow.

    I also had to learn MD by myself when I was doing your bedroom tutorial. I did post in the other thread, but don’t know if you looked at my work, so here again ;-)

    The page takes a little time to load.

    I did all the fabric (curtains, dress, bed covers and pillows) in MD. Just a case of sewing ‘frozen’ parts in MD, and also having good base geometry in Max to aid simulation.

    I must say, I wish I had your tutorials before i did that scene, but it was fun to learn nonetheless :-)

  8. WELL DONE !!!!!

  9. thanks dear Austris
    thats Great

  10. brilliant ! marvellous modeller !!

  11. Оооочень круто!!!

  12. awesome tut from the man who born for cg. hats off austris.

  13. Beautiful, thanks for share!

  14. Excellent Work …. Good Luck 1 :)

  15. Alvaro Henrique

    Muito Bom Tutorial ! Parabéns e Obrigado !!!

  16. Thank you.Seems that MD is going serious!,

  17. Thanks a lot man u r the best.

  18. Thx for your time to make this greats tutorials.
    THX again.

  19. Great work and great tutorial, as usual.

  20. What a great set of tutorials! Thank you very much for taking your time to make them.

  21. You are the best Austris!

  22. Just Amazing as usual.

  23. Great set of tutorials! especially like the technique of the morphing bottom sheet and the inner comforter inflation. The render at the bottom looks awesome as well.
    Great job and thanks for sharing!

  24. Great work Austris.
    Check this link.
    I mentioned your name.

  25. why u use zbrush? what it does for this objects that u export it from MD?and what level of knowing it u have.

    • I just use it for decimating the models (quickly reduce poly count without losing UVs or mesh details)
      I’m not a zbrush expert but can do what i need pretty decently.

  26. as always, Superb works Autris!

  27. thanx a lot 4 keeping my request

  28. thanx a lot i really like it

  29. Thank you! Finally found an marvelous tutorial about Marvelous!

  30. Hi Austris,
    You are best in this field,

  31. All link is dead and say

    *404 – Not Found*

    Please Re-upload



  32. I love u_:P_!
    I know use a litte bit Marvellus, but not so good. So I find your tutorial very helpfull.
    Thanks mr Cingulis_:)_!

  33. Thank you !!!

  34. Thank you , Amazing work ♥

  35. Amazing! This is premium quality right there!

  36. Great!Thank you.

  37. i just wanna say !”THANK YOU!! ”
    i was waiting a tutorial like this:)

  38. great stuff. Found out finally how to use morph target!

  39. Yeah!! Vimeo blocked in my country but now is ok, all links working well and I can downlaod your tutorials

    Thank you mate

  40. Вы Бог 3D!!!

  41. Well done tutorial, as allways. Thanks!

  42. :) very usefull … 10x … can you share the settings for your camera (and sun) for the last scene pls :) Do you use secondary lighting, i mean how you manage the exposure in the scene – looks very natural. Also … wath kind of color maping do you use ?
    Great work – keep walking :)

  43. This tutorial, so beautiful&Thank you so much realy

  44. Our austirs you’re the guy until today have never seen a guy so beast in 3d max as you study every day their tutorials to learn how you textured models composes so well no doubt you are the best designer if I podesse visit his parents because I live in Brazil I wanted to be his student without somra of doubt

  45. Hi Austris – Thanks so much! I think one of the reasons you get excessive folding on the sheets, by the way, is that the pattern should actually taper. So the perimeter polygons should be trapezoids, giving you a smaller rectangle for the elasticized border. That gives you the ‘tucks’ on the corners you’d expect and a lot less excess material.

    Thanks again!


  46. Thank you … very useful …like

  47. you always awesome

  48. thnks, Since I watch these videos I really loved Marvelous Designer

  49. thanks u.before i worked with MD.but your tuts is very usefull.

  50. Having austris backing me up, us like having a secrete weapon, that is yet to to be unveiled.

    hey Austris long time,its been a while that I mailed you.

    Take care….


  51. Hello again master,if may please put video how you render this Scene,Because this Scene Difference another your tutorials.good Luck

  52. Austris sir, plz share rendering information..its looks awesome,very realistic.
    & thank u..your tutorials make 3d visualization very easy.

  53. Bon tutoriel comme toujours!

  54. Hey Austris,

    thank you again for this awesome tutorial. I’m actually trying to build some plaids or towels – things that are not “puffy” like the blanket from the tutorial. Do you have any tips for modeling objects like this? What is the best way to give a plaid some thickness?

    • There are rendering and display thickness paramaters in pattern properties. If you bump that up, I think it should do the trick.

  55. Very Inspiring!

  56. How about a tutorial for the nice carpet??? :o) This one looks really great!!

    are you planning a large MD tutorial?? I can’t wait for some new tutorial stuff!!! ;o)

  57. Hi!

    Many thanks for tutorial!
    Now I’m using trial version of MD, and it don’t simulate like in yours tutorials or maybe I do something wrong. ;/ Can it be, that trial version is a little bit different from paid version? Thanks again!!

  58. WOW! This is incredible!!! Great work! You’re amazing, I love your works. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  59. hello

      I would love some advanced lighting tutorials would be great I think very good

  60. Austris, thank you for this useful and actual lesson!:)
    But i have small problem with different materials. Could you help me, please? How to add curtain with 2 different materials in ZBrush and don’t lose it?

  61. I really like your work,It looks so bright。Can you give me your scene。 Help me study。
    This is my work, It seems so dark。

  62. Wonderfull!

  63. Thanks Austris, and God bless you :)

  64. great tutorial but the rendering is even better. :) can you post some viewport shots of the scene? or maybe make a tutorial about this room.

    thanks for your effort.

  65. Hello Austris.I want to ask something, its not related to the topic. Looked at the techniques, which you use when you light interior scenes. But there are some troubles. They are all good for interiors with huge windows. For closed rooms, where there is no window, you cant light scene with sunlight or skylight portal. Can you prepare some explanation video about how to correctly light closed interior rooms, where is no sunlight or skylight? Dont really need to have see full training, just maybe 15 min video with correct methods of closed rooms lighting..thank you very much

  66. Thank you sir for your tutorials always!

  67. Excellent as always,, and such a generous person to post such professional tuts for free,, ;0)

  68. Amazing .. you are the man

  69. amazing tut

    but why you didn’t make the simulation thickness for one sheet higher instead of making these small parts ?

  70. I can’t find words, really thx you are graet, as your tutorials

  71. Please, may post tutorial for curtains in the same prog

  72. thank you for this great i am very determine to begin my lesson with 3d max

  73. Hi,
    After watching these tutorials again (brilliant by the way), I notice that your screen captures are getting a lot better.

    I have been trying to record myself working (I have Camtasia). My screen res is: 1920 x 1080, I record at this as I need screen real estate. And I try to output for 1280 x 720. However, in Camtasia it always turns out blury, with high file size.

    My question, is what software do you use, and how do you keep such a sharp video once output to 1280? You don’t seem to be recording from a 1280 screen. Any other tips would be really helpful. I’m trying to teach a friend a bit of 3D! Being a perfectionist, I’d like to achieve the video quality you have here.

    Thank you Austris

    • Hi,

      I’m also using Camtasia. Not sure where the difference is in our settings. I output as mp4 files and set the quality to around 75.
      Whenever possible, I try to record in the final output resolution, since reducing it afterwards always adds some blur.

  74. Nice tut ! everything went fine
    when i try to do the same, exept my pillow fly away and tend to fall through the sheet, whyyyy i can’t figure it out :(

  75. ok i’ve fixed it, for those who have this kind of problem in the future,
    you must sew the pillow back to back ,unless they will fly away ^^
    Thanks again viscorbel for sharing yours great knowledge

  76. Hi,
    thanks for great tutotirla. Do you have some tricks to speed up Marvelous simulation ? I had I7 4930k and and think that it isnt use all its power.

  77. thank you very much sir…
    I like your all tutorials..
    you’re great master

  78. very thanks

  79. thank you ; you are the best :)

  80. thanks soo much Viscorbel You are great!!!

  81. Muchas Gracias, maestro!!!

  82. Fantastic, as always. Thanks Viscorbel

  83. If you can make the premium tutorial of material lighting and postproduction .i would like to buy it but result should be same as i see in final rendered image(i couldn’t approach the same white exposer as it looks realstics.) None of artist who are teaching never reveal this secret . why ?

  84. Thanks For these Tutorial
    I’ve learned many things
    Please Make more of Them

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