Bambi Chair Tutorial

Here’s my last tutorial for this year – a ‘bambi’ chair for kids!
It’s pretty simple to make and the most time consuming part is making the furry seat.
I’ve split this tutorial in 2 parts: 1st part covers the basic modeling, 2nd part deals with the fur and materials.




12 thoughts on “Bambi Chair Tutorial

  1. u surely the best austris, thank u

  2. wow….

  3. nice tuto, congrats!

  4. Bow down to the great Austris Cingulis!

  5. thanks ,nice
    you can share some tuts like bbb3viz chair modeling and material,pls.

  6. Beautiful work.

  7. Very nice tutoria√ł!
    LOL, i heard youre cat in the background! :) It would be great if you had modelled youre cat!:)

  8. Perfect Tuto!!! Tkanks


  10. Great… Thank you very much Austris for this tutorial…

  11. You are so good, u are the best austris,

  12. Very interesting lesson. Cheers from Soviet Russia :)

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