Avia Lamp tutorial

Here’s a 10 minute tutorial on modeling this exquisite lamp by Zaha Hadid.
The goal wasn’t an exact copy, but something close enough to be useable for visualization purposes.

Here’s my final result

and here is the tutorial:

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  1. Аустрис ты лучший!Спасибо!

  2. A wonderful lesson. I admire your work. Thank you very much.

  3. where’s like button. loves it.

  4. you the master great great!

  5. Dear Austris,
    We all are very much thankful to you……
    Thanks for all ur tutorials

  6. Thanks for tutorial

  7. Master Austris, I have learned a lot from your tutorials. Your work is just supurb….

    Thank you so much for providing online tutorials…

  8. Dear Austris
    Thanks for ur tutorial.

    Godbless with u

  9. Thank you. Youre wonderfull

  10. Excellent work as usual, and thanks a lot. :)

  11. Vakhtang Tsikolia

    Wow, nice tutorial,Thank you.

  12. it’s amazing!! thank you so much for your lessons!!

  13. Nice work man!

  14. Thanks for this interesting lesson.

  15. José Carlos Falcoski

    Awesome!!! Thanks for the knowledge!

  16. Simplemente magnifico… he seguido las publicaciones hace poco y siempre me sorprendes. saludos desde colombia

  17. thank you for sharing!

  18. wonderful work as usual

  19. very nice thans you..

  20. Perfect as usual.

  21. nice work thanks for teaching us :)

  22. always open our way

  23. Большое спасибо !!!

  24. hossein charghan

    I’m deaf, and composition of all thank God for health and good luck

  25. Wonderful work as usual,
    You are the best

  26. Another great one! Thank you Austris!
    Your tutorials became like a drug for me – can’t wait another one.
    Greetings. :)

  27. Thanks a lot, keep going with your work.

  28. Thank you .. so much

  29. Mind = blown!

    Great job :)

  30. Thank you!

  31. Thanks man, great job as usual!!

  32. Excelent! Thank you!

  33. Очень классно. Спасибо Богу что вы есть и помогаете нам.

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    Thanks Austris Cingulis
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    I wish you success

  36. Hey Austris amazing tutorial. I was checking out the link from burak. Maybe you could do a tutorial on the light in that room or one that is similar

  37. Hi Austris,
    Which is your behavior after the disappearance of “lock zoom/pan” in viewport background? How do you lock the images reference in orthographic views?
    Thanks for the possible answer.


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