Adding water droplets on a bottle with Forest Pro – 3Ds Max Tutorial

I really like Itoo Software Forest Pro plugin for scattering all sorts of objects over various surfaces in 3ds max.
It’s useful not only for trees, grass, etc, but for many other things as well. Last week I showed you how to use it to make a carpet, this time I’m going to use it to create some water droplets on a soda bottle.

Maybe you can get a similar result with Scatter compound object, but I’ve always found it slow, buggy and not very flexible.

Ok, so here’s a quick video tutorial on how to get the result

And this is my result after adding some materials and lights…
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5 thoughts on “Adding water droplets on a bottle with Forest Pro – 3Ds Max Tutorial

  1. Nice tutorial, thanks. But how did you do to get the liquid inside the bottle ?

    • Thanks,
      I made the liquid by making a copy of the bottle, cutting off everything I didn’t need and flipping the normals of the resulting object – all that was left was closing the hole on top and adding a Push modifier to slightly inset it away from the glass (so it’s not in the same plane).

  2. Thanks for the tip, it works very well indeed! Now, when I look again at your picture, I realize that you even have a meniscus. It really increase the realism of your bottle! I tried a couple of things, like to bend the top surface, but i never got the same effect. Is the meniscus a 3D object put on the top? how did you do that? thanks!

    • It’s just made manually – after capping the top, I convert to Edit Poly, select the top polygon, inse/move down a few times to form a nice looking curve. Afterwards just auto smooth all polies and it makes it nice and smooth.

  3. Thank you for this Tutorial :)

    Can you please make a tutorial on how to set up studio for beverage? im having a hard time setting up lights and studio set up for liquors…thanks


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