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Studio Lighting with HDRLS

I recently started using HDR Light Studio for all my studio lighting needs. To be honest, it’s awesome! It really speeds up the process of setting up the lights and makes it much more enjoyable. No more guessing and wasting

Temporality chandelier tutorial

Here’s another cool chandelier – Temporality by Studio Markunpoika I really like how the shadows are cast through the metal ring frame. Watch the video to see how I modeled it in 3ds max with the help of Forest Pro

Avia Lamp tutorial

Here’s a 10 minute tutorial on modeling this exquisite lamp by Zaha Hadid. The goal wasn’t an exact copy, but something close enough to be useable for visualization purposes. Here’s my final result and here is the tutorial:

Bedding set in Marvelous Designer

Continuing the theme of MD, I’m uploading a rather lengthy set of tutorials covering the creation of this bedding set from start to finish. Unlike the previous tutorial with only one object, this one features multiple objects, which presents some

Modeling stitching in 3Ds Max

I’ve had quite a few requests for a stitching tutorial, so here it is. I’ll show you 2 methods – a quick and easy one that’s ok for 90% of the time and a more advanced one that’s perfect for

Modeling the Mesa Table

In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to quickly create the amazing ‘Mesa’ table by Zaha Hadid in 3Ds max. It’s quite a complex piece of furniture with very organic shapes. Fortunately, the modeling is not too difficult

Bambi Chair Tutorial

Here’s my last tutorial for this year – a ‘bambi’ chair for kids! It’s pretty simple to make and the most time consuming part is making the furry seat. I’ve split this tutorial in 2 parts: 1st part covers the

Interior Lighting with V-Ray

In this V-Ray & 3Ds MAX video tutorial I’m going to show you my most used lighting method for interiors. It’s quick to render, easy to setup and looks great! Most of my work is done with this setup and

VRay Studio Lighting Setup

In this video I will show you how to make a simple studio lighting setup in 3ds max and VRay to use for rendering objects. This chair was rendered with the same setup :) I will also show you how